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True IDC is committed to drive businesses in the digital age with wide-ranged IT services; Data Centers, Cloud Services, and Managed Services that meet all needs. We are ready to enable corporates from all industries to have capability to operate the business as conveniently and quickly as possible.

  • As one of the largest sugar producers in Thailand, Mitr Phol Group has successfully entered the global stage by driving organizational growth through business digital transformation. With True IDC as the strategic partner overseeing the data center aspect, the seamless entry into the global market has been achieved. This has facilitated a smooth entry into the global market, aligning to achieve net zero for sustainability for all.

  • Ascend Bit is a digital leader and loyalty program. We are committed to developing world-class blockchain solutions to drive innovation and elevate digital business. By applying AWS Cloud technology to build strong infrastructure, cloud transformation, and multi-cloud in the future.

  • AXONS, the leader in the development of agricultural information systems (Agri-Tech), has firmly entered the Data Technology era by adopting the Hybrid Multi-Cloud strategy to create a Digital Platform in the food production and distribution process. The company aims to raise the working standards of farmers, customers, and partners to grow together sustainably.

  • As a system integrator who only looks for the best solutions and services that best answer their client's needs, SD Plus Group chooses True ID Cloud as the stable and flexible infrastructure 

  • In this day and age, every organization has to adapt to the rapid changes of the world. Many must adopt the work-from-anywhere policy, including real estate service providers such as Prohome Estate. The company picked Google Workspace to be the solution for faster and more efficient co-working and service delivery to its clients. 

  • Cyber resilience is the core of many businesses in the digital era. Organizational systems, especially online services, must be readily available at all times to ensure smooth and seamless operation.

  • ACR Management Enhanced Digital Working Experience with Google Workspace Service from True IDC

  • Cloud technology can be an important factor that propels an organization toward a fast growth and becoming more up to date. Selecting a cloud service provider is another essential element that can give the confidence you need for expanding your business.

  • As the first AI Virtual Agent service provider in Thailand, True Voice invented Voicebot, the very smart solution that can recognizes natural human language accurately.

  • Achieve your goals and grow your business by applying best practice, providing cloud architectural guidance, and recommending the best way to help you reduce your costs.

  • Today, different businesses across the globe are faced with the challenges of shifting to Digital Transformation. Even big organizations must adjust to the world in the New-Normal era.

  • With True IDC’s Google cloud and local data center services, True Digital Group met its objective to serve over 24.6 million customers using multi-cloud capabilities, while ensuring their data security, privacy, and costs.

  • True IDC behind the success of True Digital Group in driving digital transformation throughout Thailand and Southeast Asia

  • Kaidee has selected the Hybrid Cloud, using both True IDC Data Center and AWS Cloud which is linked via Direct Connect for the most efficient real time data collection.

  • Ngern Tid Lor, a leading auto-for-cash loan provider and non-life insurance in Thailand, has entrusted True IDC, as its first step to transform its IT infrastructure via a Cloud Transformation strategy to support the growth of online functionality.

  • Digital Ventures has decided to go with AWS Cloud through True IDC because we offer a quick start of service and international security standards that is globally recognized.

  • Ducati has pushed pass traditional barriers of meetings and conferences through the use of VDO Conferencing as a Service (VCaaS) through True IDC.

  • 2C2P, the leading payment service provider, has chosen to switch their IT Infrastructure to use the AWS Cloud via Direct Connect provided by True IDC  for the fastest scaling possible.

  • Khon Kaen University’s Library has revamped its services to become the ‘library for new gens’ through the use of True IDC Chromebook as a search and data research tool.

  • Interkids Bilingual School implemented Chromebook and G Suite from True IDC to enhance curriculum effectiveness for their students to adopt technology in their learning.

  • THAI Smile places their confidence in True IDC to manage their organization’s ICT equipment and software so their business can move ahead efficiently without any disruption.

  • Boonthavorn was impressed with AWS WorkSpaces Solution from True IDC.

  • The adoption of Amazon AppStream 2.0 enhanced Daph Decorative's agility and answered business needs.

  • Next Capital required suitable technology that can be developed and adapted as quickly as possible to accommodate the situation. The best answer to this challenging problem was shifting to cloud technology.

  • Generali chose Cloud technology to solve the problem, to fully meet the needs of all parties, to support rapid changes and optimize resource utilization.

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