Generali: CI/CD Adoption

14 Nov 2022

Generali Life Assurance (Thailand) Public Company Limited offers innovative and comprehensive products. including life and non-life insurance to meet the needs of individuals and corporate customers to respond to various risks despite being affected by some negative economic factors but also create opportunities for sellers to offer products that meet customer needs as a result, the company's growth rate was in line with the expected target.


With the impact from various aspects both the outbreak of COVID-19 and the expansion goal of the organization, the company had to deal with increasingly complex operations, Generali chose to use technology to solve the problem. The technology used must be able to fully meet the needs of all parties, support rapid changes and optimize resource utilization.


Generali had adopted AWS container technology called Elastic Container Service (ECS) instead of traditional instance servers and shifted application design to microservice architecture and CI/CD process, which is applied to application development methods, greatly increasing the standard of development work.

True IDC has been engaged in this project to provide CI/CD training to enhance understanding of the CI/CD process as well as suggested ways to improve the process.


By choosing the right technology, Generali can adapt to rapidly changing situations. AWS Elastic Container Service (ECS) can support applications designed around the microservice concept well. The application of CI/CD in development reduces testing time. Improve application security by verifying code before deploying and automating it. This reduces development and deployment time to launch applications as needed.

True IDC appreciates the success of Generali customers and expects to provide a contribution to their success in the next AWS cloud journey.