Next Capital: Cloud Migration

11 Nov 2022

Next Capital Formerly known as BAF (Thailand) Co., Ltd. has been operating in the hire purchase loans only for Yamaha motorcycles since 2004. In 2014, the Company expanded the service coverage to include hire purchase loans for other motorcycle brands. The business is divided into hire purchase for new motorcycles and hire purchase for secondhand motorcycles to retail.


Due to the organization’s rapid expansion, Next Capital required suitable technology that can be developed and adapted as quickly as possible to accommodate the situation. The best answer to this challenging problem was shifting to cloud technology, but what to do to be able to bring applications from the original on-premises to the cloud correctly and optimally?


True IDC had the opportunity to help Next Capital migrate from the ground up to the AWS cloud, beginning from the discussion to understand the needs of the customers including choosing the right migration solution. True IDC chose CloudEndure as its migration tool which allows simple configuration to enable Next Capital to quickly migrate the server to the cloud, according to the needs of use.


With the rapid transition to cloud technology, Next Capital has the resources to support the rapid development of new applications. True IDC is delighted to be a part of Next Capital's success and looks forward to contributing more AWS support to the customer.