The adoption of Amazon AppStream 2.0 enhanced Daph Decorative's agility and answered business needs.

07 Jul 2020

Daph Decorative is an interior designing service company that has been in the industry for a decade. The company has a passion to offer optimized area usage with full function to fit the requirements of each customer to ensure the best result in design aesthetic and functionality.

Problem Statement

Winning the auction for a highly complex design project was a big achievement for Daph Decorative, but the challenge is to complete it within just one month. In that short period, they’re expected to mobilize design experts, which requires that they employ a high-performance computer quickly through the typical hurdles of a procurement process. How are they going to accomplish all that while also saving money?


(Period: July - August 2019)

True IDC recommends Amazon AppStream 2.0 to our customers when their graphics requirements are best served by a high-performance GPU. Also, AppStream 2.0 allows our customers to quickly build a machine cost-effectively because its cost is minimal when not in use and there is always an option to instantly discontinue the usage. This not to mention that it offers low latency, centralization, and secures both apps and data for our customers.


From the solutions, True IDC offers can help Daph Decorative achieve their intended goals. Can be summarized as follows;

  • Able to create a highly efficient virtual desktop environment for all users quickly
  • As AppStream can run via browser, the different OS does not effect.
  • Easier and take not over 10 minutes to add new users.
  • Customers can work efficiently and complete on time.
  • AWS helps customers save money by calculating costs in stop instance rate while the user does not connect to fleet