True IDC passes PCI DSS standard testing to enhance the strength of its Data Center services to help fully expand financial businesses

24 May 2018

True IDC, a leading Data Center and Cloud Computing business with comprehensive services nationwide with certified IT security systems related to payments via PCI DSS 3.2. The company also offers infrastructure services to financial institutions, insurance businesses, and payment gateway services which requires high security.

During the age of Thailand 4.0, it is difficult to deny that online financial transactions, especially via credit cards and debit cards, are very common. To ensure trust for clients in the financial sector to use True IDC’s Data Center, the company has developed operations and added security rules and regulations to support financial transactions via credit and debit cards according to the international standard PCI DSS 3.2.

Earned PCI DSS 3.2 standard certification

Payment Card Industry - Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) 3.2 is the latest newest information technology security standard for companies that require credit card and debit card transactions. The standard is issued by the Payment Card Industry Security Standard Council (PCI SSC) with the intention to assist organizations, companies, and retail shops. This includes the ability to have standards for maintaining, computing, and transferring card data securely, which helps to prevent fraud in the event that a card was used for transactions.

“True IDC’s Data Center passed PCI DSS 3.2 standard testing under the “Data Center Co-location” scope, which focuses on design and maintenance of the Data center to align with PCI DSS criteria. This offers clients the confidence to utilize our infrastructure services securely. We have developed Muang Thong Data Center, which was in line with PCI DSS with a focus on physical security and staff management. The company was evaluated by ControlCase LLC, which is a Certified Body (CB) from India since 5th April 2018.” – Mr. Chai Sutthasa, Head of Standards and Policies Team, True IDC, said.

Ready to provide data center services according to PIC-DSS standard to clients of all types

PCI DSS is an important online business standard which offers credit card and debit card payment services for banks, insurance companies, e-commerce, payment gateway service providers including cloud service providers. The Data Center was developed to align with PCI DSS standard helps to maintain security of cardholders’ information in terms of physical and personnel involved with the Data Center. This helps to reduce risk of leaking and fraud. In addition, this simplifies the auditing process by an external auditor. As such, clients who employ co-location by True IDC can rest assured that all equipment owned by them will be securely stored in the Data Center.

Continue improving the Data Center according to international standards

True IDC is very customer centric, and as such, it is determined to build upon the PCI DSS standard certifications for other services to ensure clients that financial businesses can trust in the security of True IDC’s services. In addition to PCI DSS, the company places great importance on other certifications related to the Data Center including ISO, CSA STAR, and standard certifications by Uptime institution. True IDC has a plan to expand its standards to cover the scope of services of all 4 Data Centers.

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