True IDC joins the United Nations Global Compact

03 Aug 2022

True Internet Data Center Co., Ltd. (True IDC) emphasizes on its sustainability vision by joining United Nations Global Compact Project, a United Nations’ initiative which is now the world's largest development network for sustainability, through a membership of Global Compact Network Thailand (GCNT), also considered the country’s largest corporate sustainability network.

As a member of this network, True IDC has business practices that are in line with UN Global Compact’s universal principles covering 4 main areas as follows:

  1. Human Rights
    Promote equal opportunity for career advancement of all employees by giving the opportunity to freely organize activities, enroll in training programs, and transfer jobs internally as long as they comply with business ethics. Furthermore, welcome constructive and productive comments from all employees as a part of collective sustainable organization development.
  2. Labor Standards
    Determine proper working hours, observe labor rights as stated in the labor laws, provide fair wages and benefits to all employees and refuse all forms of illegal labor employment.
  3. Environmental Protection
    Apply green technologies to our data center business operation, aiming to seek to utilize clean or alternative energy, such as solar energy, and set up guidelines for energy management for the highest efficiency that reduces carbon footprint and other possible pollutions.
  4. Anti-corruption
    Encourage transparent and verifiable business operation by instilling anti-corruption conscience in the employees through different forms of activities including training programs and internal public relations as well as allowing the employees to join the internal corruption watchdog system and to make whistleblowing reports through safe channels. 

Not only does True IDC focus on being the technological leader, but also emphasizes on business sustainability, taking into consideration the 4 above-mentioned areas that conforms to the goals of the United Nations. We are ready to take part in contributing to the change that Thailand needs to create a better world that we all long for.

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