The Change of Precautionary, Preventive and Control Measures against the Spread of COVID-19

01 Oct 2022

The change of precautionary, preventive and control measures against the spread of COVID-19 applied to the entry of the following data centers; True IDC Midtown Ratchada, True IDC Midtown Pattanakarn, True IDC North Muang Thong and True IDC East Bangna effective from October 1, 2022 onward

1. Customers are no longer required to submit 'ATK testing', 'Covid ATK Form' and 'ATK detect report' before entering data center area.
2. Customers are still required to create work permit on Site-Entry System to access site.
3. In the case that customers show any COVID-19 symptoms, True IDC asks for your kind cooperation to conduct ATK test at the site.

For more information, please contact customer service at 02-494-8300 or [email protected]