Managed Services

Managed Services

Let us manage your IT systems and allow you to run your business at ease.

True IDC offers Managed Services that fulfill different demands for customers. Our staff expertise and infrastructure readiness (data center, cloud system, network and DR solutions), allows businesses to gain operational capability and enhance cost optimization. The service also minimizes difficulty in system upgrade and maintenance, and reduces complication in recruiting and training personnel.

What is more, we have uplifted our managed services with the launch of True IDC Regional Command Center; the centralized monitoring center to ensure and unify efficiency of IT systems to businesses in digital world. We focus to deliver the best and accurate solutions to address all unexpected incidents in terms of quantity and quality and also manage flexibility of IT resources for business continuity.

In order to serve different business requirements, True IDC Managed Services offer wide-ranged of solutions as follows

    1. Multi-cloud Solution

  • Multi Platform Support
  • International Cloud

  • Local Public Cloud

  • Enterprise Cloud

  • Private Cloud as a Service

    2. Data Center Solution

  • Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM)

  • Data Center MA Service

    3. Security Solution

  • DDOS Protection – Local Scrubbing Center

  • DDOS/WAF Protection on Cloud

  • Web App Firewall as a Service

  • Cloud Security

  • Security Monitoring

  • SOC as a Service

    4. Other

  • Mobile Device Management

  • Smart Office/ Smart Building

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