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Embark on a new era with AI-ready data centers equipped with the largest power capacity in Thailand.

True IDC is the leading provider of data center colocation services with the largest power capacity in Thailand. We are committed to providing cutting-edge data center technologies and innovations for organizations that need to deploy servers and network equipment of all types. Our data centers are also capable of supporting the development and processing of Data Analytics, AI Models, AI Applications, and Cloud Graphical Processing Units (GPUs) under our excellent operations that prioritize sustainability.

  • High-Density Power

    True IDC's data center power system has a scalable capacity of 60 megawatts, making it the largest in Thailand. Our power system is designed to support the operation of high-density computing devices such as servers that use high-performance GPUs or CPUs, which require a lot of power for processing. Especially now that the Generative AI technology trend is growing rapidly, increasing the demand for electricity to 8-20 kilowatts per rack and may reach 50-100 kilowatts in the future. The high-power power system also gives customers more flexibility in choosing where to place their equipment and can better manage the space inside the racks. In addition, True IDC's data center has a power busway system installed that supports both single phase and 3-phase power, as well as marking its Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) to the lowest level.
  • Cooling Innovation

    In addition to the standard Hot-aisle containment cooling solution, True IDC employs innovative cooling technologies specifically designed for AI processors and high-performance processors that operate continuously and generate a lot of heat. These innovations include Liquid Cooling, which directly cools server equipment by circulating liquids within a closed system, Magnetic Oil-Free Water Cool Chiller, which replaces oil-based shaft rotation with magnetic fields to save up to 30% energy compared to traditional systems, and Fan-Wall Unit, which uses high-efficiency fans to effectively remove heat from the data center.
  • Diverse Connectivity at Your Choice
  • Diverse Connectivity at Your Choice

    True IDC's carrier-neutral network with up to four Point of Entry (POE) connections provides customers with diverse connectivity options, reducing the risk of network outages due to disasters. It seamlessly connects True IDC's data centers via a unified Network Fabric, enables direct connections to global cloud providers through both domestic and international nodes using True IDC Connect, and connects to internet service providers and Internet Exchanges (IXs) to optimize internet connectivity routes. Additionally, True IDC offers East-West network connections within data centers for AI rack servers, designed and implemented by highly skilled and experienced network engineers.
  • Superior Security

    Recognizing the paramount importance of data security, True IDC has implemented a robust security system with up to 10 layers of protection, including intrusion prevention and access control systems, 24/7 high-definition CCTV, registration and authentication systems, two-factor authentication (2FA), biometric authentication, and well-trained security personnel.
  • Sustainability from Core to Edge

    True IDC is committed to supporting sustainability through the implementation of clean energy in its data centers. Currently, the electricity supplied to the data centers is a combination of clean energy from solar power and conventional electricity. This helps to reduce the use of carbon-based electricity and supports the goal of achieving carbon neutrality across all industries by 2030. True IDC will continue to increase its use of electricity from alternative sources as it expands its data center footprint.
  • Ready to Scale

    True IDC has a continuous data center expansion strategy that involves selecting locations that are suitable, easily accessible, and safe from natural disasters and man-made risk. This strategy is designed to meet the technological needs of businesses both domestically and internationally that want to deploy large-scale systems with Thailand as their hub.
  • World-class Standard

    True IDC's data centers are the first and only in Thailand to be Gold-certified for Uptime Tier III in design (Design Documents), construction (Constructed Facility), and operation (Operational Sustainability). They are also certified to meet the requirements of various industries, including ISO/IEC 20000, ISO/IEC 2700, ISO 22301, ISO 50001, ISO 27799, ISO 27799, ISO CSA-STAR Cloud Security, PCI-DSS, and ISAE 3402 SOC 2 Type II.
  • Operational Excellence

    True IDC's data center team has a well-defined management approach and provides 24x7 service under the control of a Command Center that monitors the core data center and works seamlessly with each individual data center. True IDC's over 20 years of experience in data center management guarantees quality service and the highest level of customer satisfaction.
Data Center - Thailand

Our Customer

Mitr Phol Group

As one of the largest sugar producers in Thailand, Mitr Phol Group has successfully entered the global stage by driving organizational growth through business digital transformation. With True IDC as the strategic partner overseeing the data center aspect, the seamless entry into the global market has been achieved. This has facilitated a smooth entry into the global market, aligning to achieve net zero for sustainability for all.

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