True IDC partners with HBOT to become Thailand’s first consulting services in ‘data science as a service’

23 May 2019

True Internet Data Center (True IDC), a leading company in data center and cloud services in Thailand announces a strategic partnership with HBOT to become Thailand’s first provider of data science consulting services. The partnership combines the expertise of both companies providing a ‘complete and competitive ecosystem of secure and scalable cloud platform provided by True IDC in conjunction with HBOT providing data science expertise. The combined partnership strategically enables customers to architect data models faster without needing to invest in in-house data science resources nor in-house digital infrastructures, resulting in more competitive data driven decisions.

Tanat Sangkasem, Chief Technology Officer of True IDC, said “It is predicted that by 2023 the total market value of big data industry across the globe will reach 2.9 billion USD, given that the data center market will grow by 15% and cloud service market by 24%. Big data has come to play a vital part in all organizations across sectors as they need to work with an ever-growing amount of data – whether it be structured or unstructured – concerning organizational profile, employees, and statistical records, as well as consumer behaviors and opinions. As a result, True IDC has been working to come up with brand new services to address needs of our clients who seek smart solutions on data science across sectors such as real estate, financial institution, bank, entrepreneur, content provider, e-commerce, medical, and government. HBOT is known for its expertise in data science and machine learning, which will enable our clients to collect even more business data from different sources to improve their services and add greater value to their organization.”

Dr. Koson Sapprasert, Chief Data Scientist of HBOT, said “From the drastic growth of data in Thailand, most organizations are seeking data science expertise. This is when HBOT comes into play. With our expertise in data science and experienced team across all sectors, we are able to provide such services to our customers. We are confident in the potential that True IDC can offer, as the company itself is a leader in Thailand’s cloud service industry. We believe this collaboration will offer a significant competitive advantage for customers that are looking at strategic execution driven by ‘data-driven’ decisions without needing to have in-house data scientists”.

The collaboration between True IDC and HBOT will lead to a huge database meant to fulfill needs of consumers in light of the ever-growing digital economy and to enable them to sustain their businesses in the long run. Services under this collaboration include:

1. AI & Data Analytics

A solution for data processing and analysis on the cloud platform of True IDC that is versatile in its ability to offer various cloud platforms to users, giving the users the options to utilize the most suitable platform for their use. The world-class certified and safe solution will enable the users to efficiently work and manage their IT budget.

2. AI Chatbot

A smart Chatbot solution designed to quickly provide highly accurate information to application users and has the ability to provide the service to users from different types of industries such as government and financial institution. The service can also connect to social media platforms such as LINE and Facebook messenger.

3. Data Science Consulting

Consultation service and technical assistance and machine learning utilization for added value of the brand or product. The service also provides an insightful knowledge on Data Science to the employees in your organization.

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