True IDC won the Hybrid Multi-Cloud Partner of the Year award from Alibaba Cloud

24 Jan 2024

True IDC, a leading provider of data center and cloud services in Thailand, has been awarded the Alibaba Cloud Hybrid Multi-Cloud Partner of the Year Award for its development and promotion of Hybrid Cloud solutions for leading organizations in Thailand. This award reaffirms True IDC's capabilities in IT architecture design, system migration, and customization to seamlessly operate between on-premises and on-cloud environments, as well as its ability to deliver outstanding services beyond customer expectations.

In today's world, the use of cloud systems is diverse and always changing to fit how businesses work in the digital and AI era. True IDC recognizes the need to respond to these diverse requirements and has strategized to deliver cloud solutions that are comprehensive and flexible, tailored to the specific needs that organizations seek. True IDC has been consistent in providing popular Hybrid Cloud solutions across various industries. As a strategic partner of Alibaba Cloud, the company has strategically leveraged cloud technology capabilities, combining skills and experiences to adapt and meet the unique demands of each customer. This ensures that the new systems operate with the highest efficiency.

Kelly Walker, Chief Technology Officer of True IDC shared "We are delighted to be recognized as the Alibaba Cloud Hybrid Cloud Partner of the Year. This award not only reflects our dedication to technological excellence but also highlights our unique capability to understand and fulfill the real demands of our customers in the dynamic hybrid cloud landscape.”