True IDC is taking a step towards becoming a leading green data center in Thailand by joining forces with Altervim to fully install solar panels

15 Nov 2023

Bangkok, November 15, 2023 – True Internet Data Center Company Limited, or True IDC, the leading provider of data center and cloud services in Thailand, announces its position as a front-runner in Thailand's green data center transformation. This involves the mixed use of traditional data center energy and clean energy, utilizing advanced technology to support the government's energy policy, aiming to achieve over 30% domestic use of renewable energy by 2030. The project is part of True IDC's sustainable development path after joining the United Nations Global Compact Network in 2021.

True IDC's clean energy project aims to change the data center's electricity consumption for the better, shifting from traditional sources to using more clean energy in higher portion. The focus is on reducing coal and natural gas combustion, lowering carbon footprint, mitigating the greenhouse effect, and accumulating carbon credits over the project's 20-year operation. True IDC collaborates with Altervim Compay Limited, a clean energy provider, to develop the project using solar cell technology with a maximum installation capacity of approximately 1 megawatt peak (MWp). This can generate 1,400,000 kilowatt-hours (KWH) of electricity per year. The project is expected to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by up to 11,000 tons of carbon dioxide equivalent over its duration. True IDC's data center will start using clean energy from this project in November 2023. The benefits of the project extend beyond supporting True IDC's business, as it also supports Thailand by utilizing environmentally friendly renewable and reusable energy. This approach can stimulate the economy by reducing oil imports and shifting to domestically produced energy, creating jobs and distributing income to the Thai population and businesses.

Mr. Theerapun Charoensak, General Manager of True IDC, reveals, "True IDC is well aware that our data center business is a vital infrastructure for the country, serving as the starting point for current digital lifestyles adopted by many leading Thai and international organizations. We aim to drive sustainability in both business and the environment from the source, delivering inspirations to different organizations, all the way to the end-users. This project marks a significant milestone for True IDC, building on our two decades of data center services. We aspire to spend the next two decades transforming our services into a fully-fledged green data center. Additionally, we collaborate with the Digital Council of Thailand and the Thai Internet and Cloud Service Provider Association. Together with other members, we promote widespread adoption of clean energy and create benefits for the people, society, and the country."

Mr. Somboon Lertsuwannaroj, Chief Executive Officer of Altervim states, “Altervim is pleased to be a part of True IDC's success in implementing sustainable clean energy initiatives and reinforcing its leadership in the green data center services. This project was very challenging, especially in selecting technology and engineering design. It included installation work, system synchronization, and long-term operation of the power generation system to meet the standards of leading data centers without interfering with the operation of cloud data center services, which require the highest level of system stability throughout the life of the 20-year project. The Altervim team has brought experience in managing distributed clean energy projects, where we have invested in and provided services to more than 2,000 projects in Thailand and Southeast Asia, to expand on the True IDC project this time. It includes the use of a real-time cloud-based energy production efficiency measurement system for long-term project management.”

Beyond the clean energy development project, True IDC has various sustainability initiatives under its strategy. These include establishing a sustainability task force, raising awareness internally and externally, designing green buildings, waste management, improving data center efficiency through different methods such as insulation, innovative cooling spray solutions, temperature and air circulation management, utilizing technology to enhance the energy efficiency, and exploring new renewable energy solutions suitable for True IDC's data centers. These projects go hand in hand with our current services and will be essential in the future expansion of data centers both in Thailand and across the ASEAN region.

True IDC not only aims to lead in technology but also prioritizes conducting business in tandem with creating sustainability alongside various organizations, hoping to align with Thailand's policies and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to deliver a good digital life that lasts.