True IDC shares tips for cost optimization on Huawei Cloud to minimize costs while maximizing benefits

24 Nov 2022

Cloud services have been gaining popularity thanks to their ease of use and speed, allowing organizations to adjust the scale of services to match their needs at any moment. This is evident from the increase in cloud usage in the present as well as the future trends. Many clients are now seeking ways to optimize costs to maximize cloud benefits and efficiency.

True IDC, the provider of Huawei Cloud which is a cloud system with 3 availability zones (AZ) in Thailand and 27 more worldwide, has insight into the needs of cloud clients. True IDC offers various options for cloud optimization that allows organization access to affordable cloud services.

Choices of server plans

Huawei Cloud's primary service is the Elastic Cloud Server (ECS). Clients may buy the ECS hardware and use the service as normal but follow the pay-per-use scheme without any contractual bindings. The service fee will be calculated by the second. Moreover, Huawei Cloud's ECS may be put on pause without incurring fees for CPU or Memory use (except the ECS that uses high-functioning disks directly on the server). As for lower priority workloads that can be run at any time of the day, Spot Price might be the right solution as it allows the clients to bid for hardware from the data center, giving them access to larger-sized hardware at prices lower than that of the market.

Some organizations with high-volume workloads will require a more stable server that can run continuously without making many changes. Huawei Cloud caters to them with the options of monthly and yearly contracts, helping them lessen their cost immediately. The monthly and yearly contracts also allow them to adjust the sizes of the hardware depending on the actual workload which might change in the future.

Bandwidth options that let you fully control the prices

Another cloud-related fee incurred that may shock many users is the bandwidth fee. Almost every cloud calculates the bandwidth fee based on the volume of data sent out of clouds, which is different from the pre-determined bandwidth fee we are used to for private servers or data centers. Huawei Cloud is the only world-class cloud in Thailand that provides options for calculating data transfer fees based on the data volumes or based on the preferred bandwidth. Therefore, the clients migrate the workload to Huawei Cloud using the same design without worrying about unexpected fees. With Huawei Cloud having a data center in Thailand, the users can use Direct Connect to link their servers or network to Huawei Cloud's data centers directly and have their systems connected on one fabric within the organization. True IDC also offers the Hosted Connect service, allowing users the link to Huawei Cloud through True IDC without additional port fees while taking little time to start the connection. Another bonus is there are no service fees for data export on Direct Connect and Hosted Connect, which is different from other service providers.

Easy-to-use and low-cost backup server system

Another major IT cost is the backup system. Huawei Cloud offers two options that allow the designs for the backup systems at a lower cost. The first service is Free Auto Recovery, offering protection in cases of ECS hardware dysfunctions as the system will automatically transfer data to new hardware just by restarting the servers. In this way, external users will barely notice system errors. As for a high-priority system, the Storage Disaster Recovery Service (SDRS) could be a great solution as it prepares you for disaster recovery. Storages that are equipped with SDRS will sync between AZs at all times. In case of a disaster, the services will continue from a new AZ almost immediately. Moreover, the servers prepared for DR will be off by default, incurring no cost for the use of CPU and RAM while still prepared for any disasters.

Navigate these options with a trusted consultant

Options from Huawei Cloud that help reduce costs might bring many doubts about the right plans for many organizations, and they might require a consultant who can help with planning and overseeing the system to make sure that the cost stays low in the present and in the future. True IDC is more than ready to help our clients optimize their costs. True IDC offers multiple services in relation to Huawei Cloud. Clients may use our service starting from the billing process. True IDC is here to guide our clients with the aim that they can continue to maintain their cloud systems. For clients who are interested in Cloud Transformation, True IDC can consult you on the system planning and provide the training for your teams to get them ready to fully kick off. True IDC can also implement True IDC's Professional Service system to the fullest scale, which includes Infrastructure-as-a-Service and the use of RDS databases, giving organizations options to continue having their system on the virtual machine or on the Huawei Platform to get more benefits. Once they have fully switched to Huawei Cloud, True IDC will provide the Managed Service to monitor the system for continued efficiency and to check and see if there are enough resources for the applications and adjust them according to the changing needs. The organizational clients will receive regular reports from True IDC and they will be notified in cases of any problems so they can react in a timely manner.

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