True IDC and True Group Signed a memorandum of understanding with B.Grimm Power in developing digital innovations for energy businesses and uplifting Thai society for sustainable growth.

28 Mar 2022

28 March 2022 – True Internet Data Center Company Limited. (True IDC) joins force with True Group in signing the Memorandum of Understanding with B.Grimm Power Public Company Limited (BGRIM) and True Corporation Public Company Limited to pursue cooperation in digital innovation development for the energy business.

The Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) signed by the leading firms in their respective fields will prepare digital transformation to create a new economic ecosystem that aims to promote production potential and increase competitiveness for the private sector and new-era start-ups. The works involved also call for uplifting the energy industry in the digital age along with taking care of society and the environment in a sustainable manner. The ceremony is attended by Mr. Nuttawut Amornwiwat, President (Co) of True Corporation Public Company Limited and Mr. Noppadech Karnasuta, Chief Financial Officer / Senior Executive Vice President - Finance and Accounting and Mergers and Acquisitions of B.Grimm Power Public Company Limited who were the representative to sign this cooperation.

The BGRIM-True collaboration comes in 4 key areas as follows:

1. Development of Digital Infrastructure with Smart Energy

The two parties will jointly study and develop digital infrastructure, connecting the process of electricity trading in all sectors together in a drive to realize the Smart City and Smart Energy-Smart Building concepts. BGRIM’s smart and energy-saving buildings are to serve as prototypes for system testing which will be extended to serve external customers in the future.

In addition, a complete solution for energy-saving buildings will be developed, starting from power generation derived from renewable clean energy, applying optimum energy efficiency management technologies such as the Property Integration System and True Smart Energy solutions that connect Internet of Things (IoT) devices via True 5G smart networks. Also covered in the work programme is designing the buildings' interior systems to be user-friendly, convenient and safe, while reducing the carbon footprint or greenhouse gas emissions from various activities.

2. Development of 5G technology innovation projects and Smart Grid

This development is aimed at creating a knowledge base, study and exchanging new technologies, and Smart Grid innovations through the True 5G network that will enhance the quality of the Thai power plants under the concept of Industrial 4.0, Facility 4.0 and Smart Industrial Estate. The mission is to provide quality and stable energy supplies within offices and industrial estates under the supervision of BGRIM.

The Smart Grid System combines communication technology and digital technology with a circuit power system in stages from production to transmission and distribution of electricity to household, business and industrial sectors. The IoT technology is applied in the production, installation and maintenance phases. There is also a digital platform that uses artificial intelligence (AI) technology to analyse predictive analytics to provide early warning.

Meanwhile, the Machine Learning technology helps preventing parts or equipment from being damaged and raising production efficiency. This will lead to good management, in terms of convenience and speed, and can also be applied to suit the needs and benefiting the people, the government, and the industrial sectors effectively.

3. Developing a new economic ecosystem and promoting start-ups in Thailand

True Digital Park, billed as the largest tech and start-up hub in ASEAN, will be instrumental in promoting start-ups through hackathon activities that promote innovations in the fields of energy, environment and sustainability. True Digital Park will facilitate knowledge sharing events and seminars. Its ecosystem also opens up investment opportunities for start-ups in a drive to turn Thailand into a digital innovation hub to uplift the Thai energy industry for sustainable development.

4. Infrastructure development and energy management solutions

This collaboration is aimed at developing infrastructure and solutions to provide primary or backup power, an efficient cooling system for True IDC’s data centers. The two sides will create solutions to support energy management technologies, raising the proportion of renewable or clean energy, increasing energy consumption efficiency, while curtailing carbon footprint in various activities related to businesses. This reinforces True IDC's commitment to be the leader in providing green data centers and cloud services in Thailand with sustainability in delivering services to customers in public and private sectors.

This BGRIM-True cooperation is not only beneficial to driving the economy and society but also promotes environmental stewardship. This is in line with BGRIM’s goal of becoming a Net-Zero carbon emissions organization by 2050, in consistent the company’s vision of conducting its businesses with compassion to create sustainable benefits for the Thai society.