True IDC Partakes in Powering Startup Sandbox with Cloud Technology

03 Apr 2021

April 3, 2021 – True Internet Data Center Co., Ltd. (True IDC) joined hands with Huawei Technology (Thailand) in providing cloud technology to True LAB Startup Sandbox, a startup incubating program set up by True group in order to search for young generation entrepreneurs who would be interested in adopting robotics and artificial intelligence technologies to their business concepts. In a panel discussion called “Catching on to AI Technology, a Future Changing Tool,” Mr. Tanat Sangkasem, True IDC’s Chief Technology Officer, cordially shared his experience and presented the benefits of cloud technology to those who were interested in entering a program open-house. Furthermore, True IDC will be supporting the program participants with the consultation on how to utilize cloud system throughout the 3 months of the project duration in order to facilitate the business platform developing process to run smoothly and most efficiently.

True IDC is determined to employ cloud technology in advancing more business, regardless of its size, in order to gain the digital economy driving force which is another necessary mechanism for the country growth, and to continue to offer this type of activities to reiterate the capability and the significance of cloud technology.