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Variety of domestic and international cloud services that can address all aspects of your business demands

True IDC is the first cloud service provider who is partnered with most numbers of cloud technology providers namely Amazon Web Services, Google, Microsoft, VMware, Huawei and Tencent. We offer customized cloud solutions together with cloud consulting and managed services that address different business demands and cost efficiency, also increase IT performance to support a variety of business functions.

Our cloud services are divided into 2 categories; Domestic Cloud and International Cloud

    Domestic Cloud

    The service is located in-country, offering as Public Cloud, Hybrid Cloud and Private Cloud. This cloud service is designed to have scalability, agility, security, cost saving, and technologically operated with international standards. In addition, the domestic cloud also serves data privacy governance for certain organizations and business entities.

    International Cloud

    The service provides extensive offerings; variety of applications, outstanding solutions and latest technological innovations. It guarantees the quality of service to be delivered with world-class standards.

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