True IDC is Thailand's leading data center provider, guaranteed by international certifications and standards

30 Mar 2023

With 2 decades of professional experience, True IDC knows what businesses need. Its services security is guaranteed by various world-class awards and meets all international standard requirements including;

4 Diverse Network Routes

Enhance connectivity with 4 diverse network routes, connect to separated Meet Me Rooms to secure the stable network and ensure the seamless operation with no downtime.

2 Power Substations

Guarantee up-and-running operation of all servers with 2 power sources from Metropolitan Electricity Authority substations, operated with Uptime Institute’s Tier Certification of Operational Sustainability (TCOS).

Superior Connectivity

Freedom to connect and transmit data through Multi-site Network Fabric at any data center with data exchange with leading Internet Exchange service providers such as BBIX and BKNIX.

Bridge to World-Class Cloud Providers

Provide True IDC Connect service which enhance a seamless connection between on-premises and world-class multi-region public clouds, such as Alibaba Cloud, AWS, Google Cloud, HUAWEI Cloud, Microsoft Azure and Tencent Cloud.

Standardized Strategic Locations

Convenient and natural-disaster-free, covering 5 strategic locations in Bangkok and East coast of Thailand, as well as in Yangon, Myanmar and continually expanding across ASEAN countries.

Sustainability from Core to Edge 

Conducting business with sustainability as a member of the UN Global Compact Network and bringing alternative energy solutions such as Solar Rooftop and others as part of service delivery.

Highest Level of Security

Ensure corporate server devices are safe from outside intrusion. With a security system that is tight to 10 levels from the front to the data halls.

20-Year Experience

Best-in-class service delivery guaranteed by world-class standards and consecutive industry awards. Capture and address all business needs with 2 decades of experience.

Throughout these 20 years, True IDC keeps improving the services to fulfill all customers needs, driving all the businesses forward as well as pushing Thailand to become the digital hub of ASEAN.

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