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Enterprise Cloud

True IDC’s Enterprise Cloud Services offers Private Cloud services for corporations that is flexible enough to adapt to customers’ changing needs and is simple to use. The service comes with internationally-recognized security technology.

Enterprise Cloud

Private Cloud Service for Enterprise Businesses

As part of our Enterprise Cloud Services, True IDC’s Private Cloud service is suited for corporations which offer Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). The Hi-End Computing and Storage of the Virtual Machine technology gives flexibility for users to increase or decrease the CPU, Memory or Storage in a matter of minutes, thus clearly reflecting the usage demands.
Services Features
  • Security

    The Enterprise Cloud Server has been awarded the internationally-recognized CSA Star Certificate and is equipped with a Private Network and Virtual Firewall for users to be able to adjust their own security level to meet their security policy.
  • Backup System

    Boost your organization’s security with a monthly full backup.
  • Benefits

    ·        Less time needed for installation compared to the usage of a server

    ·        Cost-saving measure; cut down on Capex costs

    ·        Flexible usage in the ability to increase or decrease the Memory, CPU and Storage speedily

    ·        Equipped with a Disaster Recovery (DR) system

    ·        Application development or testing can be carried out speedily

    ·        Location on large network enables customers to have speedy access to data

    ·        Customers can be assured of system assistance, security, data backup and close monitoring

                ·        Enterprise Cloud Services has been awarded the ISO20001, ISO27001 and ISO22301 standards for IT security and business continuity

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