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Off-Site ICT Equipment Hosting (Colocation)

With partnership with globally-acclaimed IT brands, True IDC is the undisputed leader
in data center and cloud services for businesses in Southeast Asia.


Among a myriad of services available, True IDC offers colocation services to host servers or ICT equipment.

          True IDC offers data center services which include Colocation and Basic Space that allows clients to place their own computers and servers in an environment complete with electricity, air-conditioning, back-up power and a full monitoring system, thus cutting down on the need for investment in their own data center and ensuring that their IT system is always up and running. With our large network, data is connected and delivered via multiple channels, allowing it to reach the intended audience speedily.

          True IDC has 3 data centers, all designed to meet Uptime Tier III standards and has been awarded the ISO20000, ISO270001, ISO22301, ISO50001 and CSA Cloud certifications. This success has led to further expansion into Myanmar and Cambodia.

        In addition, TrueIDC’s infrastructure has been designed to conform with world-class data center standards.

  • Redundant Power System

    Our data centers feature huge transformer capacity and are serviced by two power stations. The internal system utilizes the 2N Configuration and N+1 Redundancy, ensuring that the power supply is never disrupted.

  • Air-Conditioning System

    Both the temperature and humidity are controlled by an air-conditioning system which distributes air in a raised floor environment, according to ASHRAE standards. 
  • Fire Protection System

    Our data centers are equipped with a complete fire protection system and a fire barrier wall that can protect any equipment inside the data center for up to two hours. Moreover, the Very Early Smoke Detector (VESDA) and the High Sensitivity Smoke Detector (HSSD) can detect even the smallest of flames which can be put out by the FM200 fire suppression system. The environmentally-friendly NOVEC fire protection fluid is safe for all IT equipment and humans.
  • Full Monitoring System: Security and Access Control System

            With True IDC’s software checks of all systems, as well as staff on standby 24 hours, 365 days, a complete Incident Response plan and Change Management, you can be sure that nothing will go wrong with your network. The Network Operation Center (NOC) takes control of network and server checks to lessen the possibility of human error. Moreover, customers can easily, conveniently and safely access the system via the Internet to check their own equipment.

            Our network employs Full Redundancy to provide parallel operation, implementing alternative systems immediately if any network component experiences errors. 

  • Rack-Based Fully Redundant Power Supply

    Electricity outage is not a concern as True IDC has an additional level of reserve power. The room is equipped with a Source Transfer Switch in every rack to minimize impact in the event of a power loss.
  • Carrier Grade Equipment

    True IDC uses only the best quality equipment which has been specified for use in Internet data centers by global network service providers, quality air conditioning system and UPS building management systems. We consider every detail including the quality of communication lines and we only select brands widely trusted by network providers throughout the world.

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